Donghai Young Light Technology Co., Ltd

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Company Overview

Donghai Young Light Technology Co., Ltd has been manufacturing high quality quartz infrared heating elements since 1997.  Today, our product is used in a wide range of industries ranging from Automotive, Plastics, Printing, Food, Electronics, Textiles, and Comfort Heating.

As the manufacturer, we have the flexibility and knowledge to design systems using the most efficient infrared wavelength for the application. We manufacture short-wave and medium-wave Infrared lamps, single or twin-tube design, with and without a gold or white oxide primary reflector.

Donghai Young Light also manufactures high quality replacement IR lamps for many competitors’ equipment. Whether it’s Heidelberg’s twin-tube printing press lamps, M&R’s screen printing lamps, Fostoria and Solaira comfort heating lamps, or Emitted Energy’s plastic stake welding lamps.

We focus on maximizing value to the customer. While we offer our clients competitive pricing with high quality, we employ stringent quality controls to ensure that our parts are never an impediment to your process.