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Our Products -FRMW IR Lamps

FRMW (Fast-Response Medium Wave) IR Lamps

for Industrial Infrared Heaters

Fast-Response Medium Wave infrared lamps fill a gap in the market place for higher wattage at medium wavelengths.  As their name suggests, FRMW lamps heat up and cool down faster than other medium wavelength lamps, which can take between 10-45 seconds to reach full emitting power.  They are an excellent and more cost effective alternative to carbon filament lamps.


FRMW infrared lamps are a good fit in infrared drying applications because medium wave infrared lamps generate the bulk of their energy between 2-3.5 microns, where water has an excellent absorption peak.  While shortwave heaters are often used for deep penetration, medium wave is often needed for surface heating of thin films, drying inks, adhesives, & paint, and the curing of many polymers.


FRMW IR  lamps utilize a quartz tube with a special helical wound tungsten or large cylindrical filament with a unique coiling technique that allows more energy to be distributed in the medium wave length range.  They are available in various custom lengths, and with a variety of endcaps and coatings.


Benefiting from 20+ years in infrared heating, our team is eager to find the right solution for your application.


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