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Medium-Wave Infrared Lamps for Industrial Infrared Heaters

Medium wave quartz tube lamps are excellent for surface heating and for drying coatings paint, dyes, lacquers, adhesives and in the processing of plastic sheet and films. They are available in clear quartz or with a gold or ceramic reflective coatings that focus the emitted energy onto the substrate.

The filament temperature of a medium wave emitter is from 850°F and 2150°F (454°C – 1177°C).  The majority of energy generated by the medium wave lamps is in the range of the electromagnetic spectrum between 2-4 microns.


Medium wave emissions do not penetrate as deep into substrates as shortwave.  The emissions are readily absorbed by water films, plastics and many solvents.


Medium wave tubular heaters are slower in response to changes in process requirement as compared to the short-wavelength lamps and are slower to heat up and cool down.  If rapid response is important to your process, consider Fast-Response Medium Wave lamps.

Because of their long life, medium wave heaters perform extremely well in continuous processes.  Medium wave tubular emitters are sold as individual heat sources or wired together in multiple emitter cassettes. Many different end caps are available.

Medium wave tubular lamps consist of a quartz tube with a nickel/alloy coiled filament.  DYL’s medium-wave quartz tube infrared heaters are typically 10mm, 12mm, 15mm or 20mm in diameter (larger diameters are available).   They are also available in 11 X 23 mm and 15 X 33 mm twin tube configurations. Standard medium wave emitters are not filled with any gases and are not sealed.

See our other options for medium wave emitters – Panel Heaters, ThermaTech and Fast Response Medium Wave (FRMW) – and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions you may have.


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Emitter Temperature950°C (1750°F) Peak wavelength 2.5 microns
Maximum Size2.3 meters (90”)
Watt Density65 watts/inch
Voltage120V – 600V
ControlsNon contact pyrometer or thermocouple
Heat Up/Cool Down20–30 seconds
Quartz EnvelopeEnergy flows through quartz with minimum absorption making these heaters highly efficient.
Easy cleaningSuitable for clean room applications. Elements are protected from moisture, solvents and contamination.
CoatingGold (Makes heaters unidirectional and wavelength pure) or Ceramic (more rugged than Gold and nearly as efficient)