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Our Products – Twin Tube IR Lamps

  • twin tube infrared heat lamp

Twin tube infrared heaters are available in Shortwave, Fast Response Medium Wave (FRMW) and Medium Wavelengths. These unique heaters offer higher radiant energy and excellent mechanical strength allowing for longer heated lengths than available with single tube T3 or T4 lamps.

Twin Tube lamps are used in the printing industry to dry inks (e.g. Heidelberg) and other industries where there is a need for mechanical strength, high energy or one-side leads.  Twin tubes lamps are also used in the Plastic Forming, Food Processing, Paint/Lacquer and Powder Coating industries.


Twin tubes are available in two cross sections: 33mm x 15mm (used mostly for medium wave applications) and 23mm x 11mm (used mainly for shortwave and FRMW applications). Twin Tubes are available with gold, or ceramic reflective coatings. Filaments can be placed in one tube or both tubes depending on the applications’ energy requirements and the leads can be on one end or on both ends of the lamp.

Please contact us with any inquiries regarding Twin Tube Infrared Lamps, or any of our infrared heating solutions. 


FeaturesSpecifications (Shortwave / Medium Wave)
Emitter Temperature 2400°C (4350°F) / 950°C (1750°F) 
Peak Wavelength 1.0 microns / 2.3 microns – Heaters can be tuned to the product 
Maximum Length 4 meters (157”) 
Watt Density 200 watts per inch max / 65 watts per inch max 
Voltage 120V – 600V 
Controls Non contact pyrometer or thermocouple 
Fast Heat Up And Cool Down 1 second / 20-30 seconds 
Heavier Cross Section More rugged than T3 and T4 lamps 
Higher Energy Density Requires less space, need fewer lamps 
Easy Cleaning Suitable for cleanroom applications. Elements are protected from moisture, solvents and contamination. 
Gold/Ceramic Reflector Makes heaters unidirectional and wavelength pure 

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